black and white

Retro style portrait

A retro style black and white portrait on white of model Tiana


Maybe retro is not quite the right word but this portrait I just took here in my studio in Santa Barbara of model Tiana has that feeling. To me it looks like it’s from the 60’s or 70’s. The attitude, the hair, props and lighting.

All natural light

I shot this in front of a white backdrop in my outdoor studio. The light is all natural with a lot of cutting by means of dark cloths and flags. I shot quite a few frames of this liking the composition, light, etc. Tiana moved her head slightly in between exposures, into the light and away from it and it’s quite amazing in how narrow of a plane the light really worked.

I will post some more images from this shoot soon. We shot a bunch of great portraits in all kinds of different lighting scenarios and I am still editing through it all but this one just stood out.