I photograph people. Outdoors, indoors, underwater and dangling in the sky. And I get to travel all over the world for this.

It’s all about portraits over here. In the studio, on top of a mountain or on a factory floor.

The latest JUNGBLUT20xx is now available. My year reviewed in a visual journal style. Photographs from commissions and personal projects that stuck.

watch and listen as I talk about how certain photographs came about. Like this one about Italian war hero Pino Lella, the subject of the novel Beneath A Scarlet Sky.

I will be in central Europe June 21-July 30.

“I consider myself a creative documentarian. I don’t depict untruths, but I add my own interpretation. I show it the way I see it.”

A short motion piece on racing skateboards down roads. Always fun! POV action from just a few inches off the ground.

From random people on the street to celebrities. My subjects range across all demographics. I photograph for editorial assignments, commercial projects and to feed my soul with stories about life across the globe.


Always go! No matter the rain or the cold, saddle up and climb that hill! Against the wind!

New Commercial Work for Smarthouse Collections

I recently photographed launch imagery for Smarthose Collections. Amazing mattresses by Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse.

I’ve been around the world photographing portraits and travel stories for editorials like this one of Kerry Washington’s office remodel. Explore images from Australia, Sweden, Romania and across the United States.

read about the creation and story behind these portraits

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JONAS JUNGBLUT PHOTOGRAPHY specializes in commercial portraiture, lifestyle and travel photography. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany and now based in Santa Barbara, CA, Jonas is available for editorial and commercial assignments anywhere on this planet.

All images ©JonasJungblut